Turbosmart manual boost controller adjustment by weapnud
May 15th, 2019, 10:05 pm


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ABOUT THIS PRODUCT. Thank you for purchasing your new Turbosmart Boost Tee. This new model now has some great new features. These include: • 2 ramp 19 Jan 2016 Boost adjustable from under the hood with an accurate, proven Detent System. Easy to install and adjust. The Turbosmart Gated Boost Control Valve range is 19 Sep 2011 Manual (Gated) Boost Controllers Tech Tip Boost controllers will NOTallow you to adjust the boost lower than the wastegate spring rating. 19 Sep 2011 Installation of a manual boost controller depends on the type and configuration of your turbo system. Below are the three most common ways of Smaller and lighter than other Manual Boost Controllers on the market. our detent adjustment system allows for accurate and simple tuning of boost pressure.Mount your boost controller bracket onto the vehicle, then attach the boost controller onto the bracket with the supplied screws. Make sure the boost dial is turned completely anti-clockwise before making adjustments. Allow the engine to cool down before installing your boost controller. Turbosmart Gated Boost Controllers offer up to two boost settings set by the driver and controlled via a switch. They are easy to fit, simple in operation and Allow the engine to cool down before installing your boost controller 2. Locate the pressure source port and the wastegate actuator port on the turbocharger

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