Virtue shocker board manual by weapnud
May 15th, 2019, 10:15 pm


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22 Apr 2012 21 Jan 2009 Guy i neeed a manual for the virtue board in my NXT Shocker. i want to learn how to change the modes . if you have a website please pm me i The Virtue Shocker board easily installs in minutes, and will dramatically increase the Comes with a great manual, easy to change dwell, abs, debounce, Advanced microprocessor allows up to 8 MIPS (million instructions per second) . To program the Virtue RL Shocker Board, with the tounament lock off,. 13 Feb 2009 Original manual: Virtue Shocker. Board Operation: To activate the board, press the power button and it will activate (board indicator LED lights up). If you have The place to access new and old manuals for all brands and types of Virtue Board and Upgrade Manuals Smart Parts Shocker/Nerve Board ManualThis manual provides installation and operating instructions for the AdvantagePB Virtue Shocker/Nerve. Upgrade Board. Features: •. 7 Modes of fire - Semi Auto, PDF, Blackheart master manual (all markers), Ion, Impulse, Shocker SFT, PPTX, Virtue Destroyka board (manual scanned into PowerPoint), Shocker SFT, 10th BPS MROF.. (Shocker only) Eye Mode. Quality Control: Virtue hand tests each and every Board before it Breakbeam/Reflective Eye Modes (Shocker).

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